Perfect Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Evaluation



To test actual useful array for Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms in both an in-town environment and also a country atmosphere and also accessibility their ability to reconnect after being out of variety. Test is niet gecreëerd om te identificeren van de fiets naar de fiets array in alle problemen, maar het zou moeten staan ​​voor beide meest typische problemen bij rijden met een Bluetooth-motorhoorn.




In-town - Examination was performed along Hwy 70 East in New Bern North Carolina. All intercom designs were tested at full battery charge.


Rural Environment - Test was carried out down a straight dust roadway about 1/2 mile from the nearest residence and also several miles from stop lights or services. Der var imidlertid en radioterminal omkring 1 km væk, og vi var 8 miles fra en Marine Corps Air Terminal (Cherry Point), som uden tvivl sætter nogle radar og også andre signaler.


Bluetooth Motorbike Intercom Variety Examination Procedure


In-town Setting Bluetooth Bike Intercom Range Test - Each exam was executed with one non-moving headset in the open at 3-4 feet high beside the straight access road. Range was called out every 0.1 miles on the odometer and also sound was videotaped to verify high quality as well as repeatability. There is one stop light about 0.25 miles away from the starting point in each direction.


Rural Atmosphere Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Variety Examination - Every exam was executed with 2 non-moving headsets. We attempted to get audio recordings of all headsets back to back at a detail range but having 4 Bluetooth headsets powered up in close proximity endangered the signal of SOME of the units so rather we evaluated one headset at a time at 0.1 mi, 0.2 mi, 0.4 mi etc.


Test Examples (Item Models).


HBC200 at UClear (preliminary launch firmware).


Interphone F5 - by Cellular Line.


Scala Biker G9 at Cardo (initial release firmware V 1.2).


SMH10 by Sena Bluetooth (V 4.0 firmware).


UClear HBC200.


Asserted Intercom Range - "as much as 700m / 0.43 miles" with 2 headsets.


Notes - Unlike the Sena SMH10 the UClear HBC200 appears to make use of VOX even when songs is not playing. As opposed to having a warm microphone it shows up to totally silence the audio speakers other than when somebody is chatting. This is wonderful in some relates to however instead of awaiting 20 secs of silence before silencing it does so virtually instantly after the individual on the various other headset stops talking. This could trigger some irritability when the very first syllable gets reduced off. The nuisance element absolutely rises as you get additionally away where it feels like the discussion begins and also quit extremely swiftly and also numerous syllables obtain shed. UClear insurance claims their usage of Super Team Innovation as well as Multi-Hop attribute will enable "approximately 10 or more" HBC200 headsets can be connected. However we just had 2 headsets offered for screening so we might not validate if this would certainly prolong the variety or otherwise.


In-town Direction 1 - The communication was clear at 0.1 miles and also working at 0.2 miles however after that went totally quiet when passing the junction with a stop light prior to 0.3 miles.


In-town Instructions 2 - The link was clearer at 0.2 miles in this instructions or even 0.4 miles appeared to be useful. At 0.5 miles the connection was lost. The HBC200 headset units did not automatically reconnect upon the return trip and the intercom discussion had actually to be re-initiated by pressing the headset button. While the UClear's audio features are leading notch this failing to reconnect might be the HBC200's biggest defect. Uclear confirmed that the conversation does not immediately restart and also that this was not customer associated. We hope their first firmware update will address it.


At 0.2 miles the speech was clear and also there was no fixed however we had issues with the VOX cutting off syllables. At 0.4 miles the intercom was not usable.


Interphone F5.


Declared Intercom Variety - "as much as 1300m or 0.8 miles" with 2 headsets expanding approximately "2400m or 1.49 miles" with 6 headsets spaced flawlessly apart.


Notes - The Interphone F5 does a great task of silencing the speakers when the other headset's microphones are not in use. During speech there is some mild fixed sound (scratchiness) in the history of the voice. This promptly goes away when the various other individual stops talking.


In-town Instructions 1 - The Interphone F5 was clear at 0.1 miles and also useful at 0.2 miles. Coming back it automatically re-connected the conversation and provided a voice timely stating "intercom attached" when we were at 0.1 miles apart.


In-town Direction 2 - The F5 intercom conversation was distorted as we went with the intersection at 0.25 miles as well as a whole lot of disturbance which appeared like a synthesizer playing songs was heard/ recorded. At 0.5 miles the intercom once more disconnected and also the connection was re-established when we came back to within 0.1 miles of the other headset.


In-town Instructions 1 with a Third F5 headset - Interphone declares that having more headsets in the group will extend the variety of the team. We established one headset at 0.15 miles as well as ran the same test as above. The quit light crossway still rushed the signal and triggered a great deal of digitized songs noise so that it was mainly unusable on the various other side of the crossway nevertheless we were able to go to 0.6 miles and transform about without experiencing the "intercom unavailable" message as well as the relay effect seemed to assist clearness greater than harm it. The metropolitan atmosphere may be a much better test for this feature of the Interphone F5 so we will certainly duplicate it once again in our following examination without traffic lights as well as organisations around.


Rural Atmosphere Variety Test Interphone F5 - This is where the Interphone REALLY shined. After evaluating it out in the country there was no concern it was the very best Bluetooth intercom for lengthy variety conversations. Extremely little fixed was heard and the speech was totally intelligible at 0.8 miles. At 0.9 miles it notified by means of speech that the intercom link was lost. After returning we were informed at 0.4 miles that the intercom was linked as well as speech was quickly clear.


Sena SMH10.


Claimed Intercom Range - "as much as 900 meters/ 0.56 miles".


Notes - While the SMH10 has a VOX feature offered when there is a songs resource we did not use songs during this test and instead chose the "open mic" intercom phone call. Primarily when began the mic is constantly warm. The SMH10 for that reason transmits every little thing as well as while linked there is a minor hum even when nobody is talking. The smallest engine or wind noise would certainly sink it out however it is a sign that you are connected. As you get better apart the hum has the tendency to turn right into digitized music fixed.


In-town Direction 1 - The Sena SMH10 was clear at 0.1 miles and relied on a digitized static at 0.2 miles as well as forward.


In-town Instructions 2 - The Sena was clear at 0.1 respectable at 0.2 miles however ended up being odd as we went with the stoplight at 0.3 miles. It remained linked and was useful at 0.4 miles but at 0.5 miles there was no audio signal transferred. When returning the SMH10 systems were still connected and also useful at 0.4 miles apart.


Rural Setting Range Examination Sena SMH10 - The conversation was clear at 0.1 miles and also mainly functional at 0.2 miles nonetheless there was most definitely fixed impacting the conversation. At 0.3 miles there was no signal moved. Comparable to UClear HBC200 the Sena SMH10 functioned too or better around compared to in the rural environment.


Cardo Scala Rider G9.


Claimed Intercom Variety - "Up to 1 mile".


Notes - The Scala Motorcyclist G9 does a good work of isolating as well as getting rid of the undesirable noise/ static and also distortion from the signal. While the SMH10 has the tendency to allow as well much via the Scala Biker G9 and also UClear HBC200 could isolate excessive, enabling only excellent speech through as well as silencing every little thing else. No question some will value this but some compromise of fixed for added usable variety would certainly behave. (In-town examination was performed without elevating the antennae while the rural test was executed with the antennae elevated.


In-town Direction 1 - We had excellent hopes that the Scala G9 would be able to conquer the interference but it was not the case. The Scala Motorcyclist G9 was clear at 0.1 miles and completely silent at 0.2 miles.


In-town Direction 2 - The Scala Motorcyclist G9 was clear at 0.1 miles as well as completely quiet at 0.2 miles.


Rural Setting Variety Examination Scale Rider G9 - Comparable to the in-community problem the Scala Motorcyclist G9 was clear at 0.1 miles as well as after that at 0.2 miles. Cardo's insurance claim of breaking the 1 mile bearer is technically real due to the fact that they were still "attached" but additionally completely incorrect since they are not functional at 1.0 miles also with line or website and also reduced interference.




In de stadsinstelling bent u waarschijnlijker om dichterbij elkaar te rijden en ook bij lagere tarieven, zodat de vrij korte variatie niet daadwerkelijk zou moeten hangen op de gebruik van deze apparaten voor communicatie fietsen aan fietsen. De gjorde imidlertid, at det var den mest forvrængede lyd / fikseret at komme igennem, samtidig med at UClear HBC 200 og Scala G9 undgik at komme fra headsettet.


Victor Bluetooth Headset Range Examination - Interphone F5 - If bike to bike range is high up on your top priorities for Bluetooth headset features you need to seriously consider the Interphone F5. In de landinstelling komt niets anders ook dichtbij en voegt ook meer headsets toe aan de groep alleen extends the variety. Of programma, kunt u kiezen voor een van de andere en daarna link het naar een GMRS radio of koop een ChatterBox X1 Slim voor een even groter bereik, maar we betwijfelen dat u de problemen met de F5 zal hebben.